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April 10, 2010
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Madness Combat Line-up by Wacom-Bot Madness Combat Line-up by Wacom-Bot
At last, the moment I've been waiting for almost two weeks: a new submission! And this one's a special treat, for it is my first "colored" Deviation to be presented on my account. So as a big fan of Krinkels®, I present here a more unique design for the madness characters, putting aside the floating hands routine and such. I first sketched out and shaded in the entire thing before scanning it on Photoshop and then rearranging and coloring it in. I could've made the characters look a little better such as Hank's goggles that could've been made smaller and made his eyebrows show over them. And I think I made jesus' right arm a little too long. My only complaint for drawing Hank is the way his belt and straps rap around his body, it's a little confusing if you ask me.
So there you have it, and I hope to make sure to submit more often, if that's alright with everyone.

Characters belong to KRINKELS®[link]
Designs and styles belong to me. ^w^
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It's a master piece, their creator should borrow this design for an episode, although where is a member from crew 1337 or the super soldiers with yellow blood and masks and finally the ZOMBIES?

Nice job bro! I loved this so much, i used Deimos and Sanford for my profile pics!
you are amazing good sir ps sanfod is meh fav
MindlessMan0000 Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool... as... fuck... O.O
I love how edgy and epic your drawing style make the Madness cast look.
Well, not that they needed help with that anyway. XD
The Madness series is something I will never forget. Too bad Combat had to end, it was BEAST!!!!
The best action series ever!!
ha thats pretty well done I like it.
Tricky is still wearing his train uniform? weird.....
DracorusTerra Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me encanta todos los personajes, pero mis favoritos son: Hank, Sanford y Tricky!!! :D
Viva Madness Combat!!! :D

love all the characters, but my favorites are: Hank, Sanford and Tricky! : D
Madness Combat Experience! :D
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